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Safely archive thousands of emails

Access your email with the power of a relational database

Have you ever wished you could find all those emails between you and your client, Joe, during August and September of last year, that mention the word 'contract'? Now you can. And you can sort them, print them, save them, and export them in several standard formats. MailSteward Pro elegantly solves your email archiving, accessing, and management problems.

Email clients, like the Apple OS X Mail application, are very good at sending and receiving email, and doing simple searches, but they are not really designed to efficiently and safely archive and access thousands, or hundreds of thousands of emails.

Email has become a vital part of many professional and personal lives. For many, it is not unusual to send and receive thousands of emails every month. Businesses and individuals with large amounts of important email need to be able to:
  • safely archive email text and attachments so that none of it is ever lost.

  • easily and effectively find particular emails, by any combination of sender, recipient, date range, keywords, and tags.

  • export email in standard formats to prevent data obsolescence.
The first time you launch MailSteward Pro, after connecting to the MySQL server, this is what you will see:

MailSteward Pro will automatically select all of your Apple Mail app email accounts to be archived, and create an empty MySQL database named "myemaildb". So all you have to do is click on the archive button, and MailSteward Pro will begin copying your email into the database.

Any of the default settings can be changed by clicking on the settings button.

You don't have to worry about doing anything to your email files. They are left untouched.

You don't have to worry about duplicates. If an email is already in the database and you archive it again, MailSteward Pro will skip it rather than add a new entry.

Once they have all been copied into the database, you can delete all or most of the email from your In and Sent boxes, if you wish. MailSteward Pro will archive the attachments, HTML, enriched text, and the original raw source of your email, as well as the plain text.

Then, whenever you need to find an email, you can use MailSteward Pro.

Once your email is in a database, it can be retrieved by clicking on the search button and specifying any combination of:
  • A range of beginning and ending dates.
  • A keyword or phrase in the From address.
  • A keyword or phrase in the To address.
  • A keyword or phrase in the Subject line.
  • A keyword or phrase in the Body text.
  • A text string in the Mailbox name.
  • A text string in an attachment file name.
  • Text inside attachments that contain text.
  • Tags - category, keywords, notes, and/or priority.
  • Or, if you know SQL, by editing the generated SQL statement.
And you can sort the retrieved emails by:
  • Date
  • From
  • To
  • Subject
  • Mailbox
  • Or by the unique ID that is assigned to each email
  • Works seamlessly with the Mac OS X Mail app to archive all your email in a relational database.
  • Will import most mbox files from other email clients such as Microsoft Entourage.
  • Works with all locally stored POP, .Mac, and IMAP email accounts.
  • Select emails from archive by date range and keywords in the To, From, Subject, Mailbox, or Body fields.
  • Sort by date, To, From, Subject, or unique ID.
  • Print email list, or individual email, or all emails in a list.
  • Save email list, or individual email, or all emails to a text file.
  • Reply to individual emails.
  • Add your own tags to email & import MailTags©.
  • Search attachments, such as word processing documents, that contain any text.
  • Schedule MailSteward Pro to archive your email automatically.
  • Export emails to a tab-delimited text file, an mbox file, or an SQL file.
  • All email folders are left undisturbed.
  • Options to store attachments, HTML, and enriched text, as well as plain text.
  • Keeps a copy of the raw source of the email.
  • Native Cocoa application that supports OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or greater.

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